Access to Primary Health Care (A2PHC)

HSF works for the people of remote areas where there are no or little opportunities for primary healthcare. An MBBS doctor visit a specific union in a weak to provide free medical advice. Up to 30 patients get advice in a session.    
Patients are waiting for medical advice.

A2PHC in Bogura

HSF started mobile health camp in different places of Dhunat Upajila, Bogura where women, children, old age people get free medical advice.

A2PHC in Bandarban

Minjhiri Para, Ghazalia Union, Bandarban District. Marma people live here. There is no road to go here. Boats are the only means of communication. But the boat is not available except at certain times. No mobile network for emergency communication. There is no clean water supply system. Human Safety Foundation (HSF) has come with health care in this remote area.
At least 30 patients were given free medical advice and medicines through MBBS doctors everyday. Water purification tablets and saline are also distributed.

A2PHC in Mymensingh

Access to Primary Health Care (A2PHC) Project now in Mymensingh, through this project underprivileged people on 10 unions of Mymensingh will get free medical advice and medicine, where women, children and old aged people will get the priority.

A2PHC in Manikganj

Our A2PHC Project now in 10 unions in Manikganj District. People who are affected for river erosion and underprivileged community will be able to come under our project coverage. Through MBBS doctor these people will get medical advice which will be free of cost.

A2PHC in Habiganj

This crowd is getting medical advice in Habiganj. They are the people of Muriauk union, in Lakhai Upozila, Hobiganj.
HSF now in this district with the project of Access to Primary Health Care (A2PHC) and through this project underprivileged people and hard to reach area people will get free medical advice and prescription by MBBS doctors.