Winter Cloth Distribution

Every year, HSF distributes warm clothes among slum dwellers and underprivileged communities in different parts of Dhaka City every year. HSF also distributed warm clothes in districts.
If you have a plan to join this journey please follow the link and donate as your wish.

EID Dress Distribution

HSF always feels the feelings of street children. So, HSF takes action to share Eid pleasure with its kids. For that purpose, HSF had distributed Eid clothes among them every year. HSF also provided clothes and foods for Eid day to the families of the street children. If you wish to join this pleasure please follow the link and donate accordingly.

Iftar Party

From the formation of HSF, every year we arrange IFTER Party for our children. On that occasion their legal guardian/guardians also invited. Not only HSF children but also other underprivileged children also invited the Ifter Party.

To donate this auspicious occasion, please donate accordingly.

Book Festival

First week of the January, we celebrate the Book Festival. On this festival we distribute new books to our children. In that festival our students who are studying our seven schools are joining. On that festival they also get notebook, pencil, bag and other educational materials.

If anyone wishes to donate for this festival, please follow the link and donate accordingly.